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Welcome to Booma Agro Tech   About Us
BOOMA AGRO TECH is registered under the companies Act1956 and it is a Public Limited Company engaged in Central Government affiliated to the plan of Agriculture and Waste Land Development program. Our Organization is running with the sole intention of promoting the investors to invest in agricultural food production through organic farms. Booma agro tech Limited is a major programme implemented for improving the productivity of waste & degraded lands keeping in view the poverty, backwardness, gender & equity is Integrated Wasteland Development programme. Booma  is taking up this colossal task through its WASTELAND DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS by revitalizing & reviving village level institutions & enlisting people’s participation.
Installment Land Plan
One Time Payment Land Plan
Farm Land Plan
Easy Installment Land
BOOMA AGRO TECH is registered under the companies Act1956 and it is public limited company engaged in central government affilated plan of agriculture and waste land development programm
Booma agro tech promotes the business under referral or distribution marketing which comes under referral and distribution marketing plan. For entering into the business package.
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